Craniosacral Therapy


Cost - £35.00 / hour 



What is it?  


A gentle form of treatment that is powerful yet subtle.

CST recognises that all structures in the body are connected and integrated.  All parts of the body need to be able to move freely without restriction, this allows the passage of essential nutrients to the cells and tissues and effective removal of waste products. Ineffective removal in any one part of the body will lead to compensatory responses which result in pain and dysfunction.  Congestion caused by these restrictions will cause tiredness sluggishness and general feeling of being "out of sorts".  Sometimes the pain or ache may be felt away from the origin of dysfunction i.e leg pain referred from the low back. 



Working with fascia is integral to the treatment, it is a strong connective web like structure that allows the body to retain its form and shape. Muscles, blood vessels, lymph, nerves and bones pass through and are surrounded by this fascia. If damaged by trauma it is contracts becoming less mobile, anything that  passes through it can become compressed and the flexibility will be lost resulting in aches, pains and stiffness. The therapist can feel these areas of restriction and work with them to allow the tissues to relax and "let go".  With the fascia relaxed the muscles, nerves etc that pass through can regain their flexibility and this will ultimately reduce aches and pains and restore balance to the body.


Life's experiences including accidents, illnesses, surgery, stress, trauma and emotional issues can all affect the flexibility within a person's body. The more intense the experience the greater the restriction that will be held within the body. These areas of  tightness and lack of flexibility will continue to stack up until the body can no longer compensate and symptoms such as pains and aches, stiffness, fatigue, headaches, emotional problems and lowered immunity will result. 


Who can benefit from CST?   



CST is so gentle it is effective for anyone from those with acute aches and pains to chronic persistant pains that are resistant to other forms of treatment. It is suitable for all ages from birth through to the elderly. 


What will a session be like?


Most people feel a deep sense of relaxation.

You may feel heat, tingling sensations, gentle pulsing and on occassions transitory aches.  


How many sessions will I need?  


The number depends entirely on the condition being treated. If an acute problem symptoms may settle in 1 or 2 treatments, however with more chronic problems it is usual to have approximately 6-10.  


Treatment lasts 1 hour 

Treatment does not require the person to remove clothing.