Zone Face Lift


Renowned for removing as much as 10 years of ageing over the 12 week programme.
Naturally lifts your face and spirit. Created by Ziggie Bergman, 'Reflexologist to the stars'.

Combines traditional facial reflexology methods and ancient healing techniques from Native American shamans and uses
pressure-point massage with sacred, healing herbs, Asian body mapping, Gua sha and crystals to create the 'Zone Face Lift' (ZFL)'

For many women, this will eliminate the need for Botox and offers a completely natural alternative to dermal fillers.

Benefits include:

*  Encourages lymphatic drainage and detoxification
*  Increases collagen and elastin, plumping up skin and reducing wrinkles
*  Helps relax tight muscles in the face, neck and shoulders
*  Tightens and tones the skin in face and neck
*  Improves blood flow into muscle tissue
*  Helps to soften and smooth the skin, enhancing skin condition
*  Reduces sinus congestion
*  Encourages calmness and relaxation